Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Show & Tell

With this installment of Friday Show & Tell, Writers Li.P.P. is going on indefinite hiatus. Even though we will no longer be blogging together, you can keep up with us on our personal blogs, Lindy Chaffin Start and Pam Asberry.  Thanks to all of you for supporting us by reading and commenting. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!


R.R. said...

I will miss this! I read everything but resisted the urge to comment on everything for fear of my name getting old! Thanks! RR

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks R.R. That means a lot to both me and Pam. We'll let you know when we are back up and running. Until then, take care. Lindy

Tammy H said...
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Tami Brothers said...

Oh man! I was in the middle of moving and didn't get to read blogs for the past three weeks.

I'm sorry to see you guys go but I totally understand the need to take a break.

I'll miss you guys. I have you on my Google Reader feed so I'll check back if I see a new post.

Best wishes to both of you.


WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Tami. Breaks do need to happen sometimes. THanks for understanding. We'll be seeing you. - Lindy