Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Show and Tell

PAM (Dacula, GA)

I faced some unexpected challenges yesterday, so I am going to be extra kind to myself today and fill the hours with things that bring me comfort and joy. No cleaning or laundry today or grocery shopping or errands. I'll be writing and baking and eating and knitting and beading.

And looking forward to wearing my new shoes tomorrow.


LINDY (Decatur, GA)

To the outside observer this may look like a piece of wood. In fact, it is a piece of 1/8" subfloor I reclaimed from the neighrbor's garbage. No, I don't have a sag in my living room floor that is sqeaking and needs repair. To me, the 4' wide by 3' high piece of subfloor looked more like a blank canvas. In the next few days I will begin  to transform it into a masterpiece.
Until then, I can't wait to wear my new t-shirt and see lots of good friends tomorrow at Georgia Romance Writers monthly meeting.


Have a great weekend, everybody! And remember to check back on Monday for more wit and wisdom from Writers Li.P.P.!


Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

I think that piece of subfloor is gorgeous! Srsly.

Love the new look y'all have going on. More relaxing than the first.

I'm so jealous of y'all's day tomorrow. I wanna go too. (pout).

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks, Carol. I can't wait to see what Lindy does with it. Glad you like our new look; waiting for my brother to help me tweak the HTML and change the white font to black. We wish you could come tomorrow, too. October is a long time from now! (boo lips)

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Carol. We'll miss you today. Whenever you want to paint with friends, just let me know. I'll rumage thorugh other people's garbage just for you. ;-) -Lindy

Julee J. Adams said...

W00t! Life is indeed good. I went through the 99 cent bin at Joanne's last night and got waaayyy too many beads, so we will enjoy lots of pretties too, here in southern Indiana. We need to find beauty in all things, especially pieces of wood that would have been covered up.

WritersLiPP said...

Hi Julee. It's one of those rare moments when you caught Pam and me in the same room together. She was just telling me how long you guys have known each other and how sad she is that she hasn't seen you in many years. We're glad you have joined us on this journey. Keep comin' back! - Li. & P.