Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Resurrecting the Goddess in Me

Pam, my brilliant partner here at WritersLi.P.P. posted the Gods/Goddesses Quiz on Monday which tickled me in terms of me and my alleged goddess. Apparently, I am most like Hera - "The Greek goddess Hera was a powerful queen long before her marriage to Zeus, the mighty king of the Olympian gods. She ruled over the heavens and the earth and was responsible for every aspect of the environment, including the seasons and the weather." After these last few days in Georgia, I would love to "rule the weather."

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you could be a goddess? Recall the Aphrodite archetype. Envision her perched on a mound of pillows sucking grapes from a vine held fervently by a scantily clad servant man, her moist skin quivering under the breeze generated by the broad-leaf fan wielded by yet another. That’s an idea I can get behind, or in front of in this case. However, as we exist in a time when men and women happily co-exist and men still seem to find themselves “on top” of the pillows it’s hard to fully realize this goddess. So, I have identified one, well, I can identify with.

Get off! These pillows are mine!
Pleasure is my goddess! That’s what I said – pleasure. Across cultures her name takes many forms - Bast (Egyptian), Hedone (Greek), Bidhgoe (Celtic), and Ichpuchtli (Aztec). This is present day reality! I may not be able to have the servant men taking care of my every want and need, but friends, I'm taking back my pillows! To wrap our heads around this, let’s examine the senses:
Taste. I love this particular sense because it can incite enormous amounts of my pleasure goddess. The fresh taste of a crisp cucumber straight out of the garden. The salty sweat you lick from your lips after a successful workout. All of the sweet and savory flavors life offers can be found in taste. I’m a foodie so on a whim I might want to savor something in particular. That’s when my creativity, or passion, begins to emerge. My goddess of pleasure finds me and together we craft a delicious dish.
Smell. This one is an attention-getter. Imagine being on the cross trainer at the gym. You’re endorphins haven’t quite mounted against the pain you are feeling in your thighs and back. The music you chose for your workout makes you want to cry out in dissatisfaction until a man walks past. You’re body is realizing entirely too much chaos to notice his appearance but his cologne captivates you. The perfect blend of skin and musk you can’t help but wonder who is taunting you with this scent. Your mind races with sexy ideas of what it might be like to get close to his warm, damp skin after his workout; to feel his breath on your neck. You take a deep breath and find that your pain is gone and the music has improved. Ah, pleasure.
Touch. This one I should probably save until last but you deserve a little tease. I love the feel of anything that brings me closer to my goddess on the tips of my fingers. They are very sensitive after all and deserve only the finest sensations. One of my passions is painting so feeling cool, colorful paint glide across paper, or any medium, guided eagerly by my fingertips yields pleasure. Stroking the skin of a lover, feeling tense muscles and warm, damp skin probably elicits more pleasure in me than him, to the point of addiction. Wait! We are talking about pleasure, right?
Sight. The vision of a lovely garden, children playing, the perfect meal spread on an ornate cloth, tight muscles, the sun reflecting off the water; all of these things encourage imagination. They inspire my goddess who in turn inspires me.
Sound. The funniest of sounds to me is the sharp trill of a cow bird. It reminds me of how something seemingly unattractive (plain black bird with a brown head) can create something unique and beautiful. The deep belly laugh of a man in love, the high-pitched giggle of a little girl, or how the ocean crashes against the shore taking on the notion of breaking glass all inspire creativity and therefore pleasure.
Opening my mind, body and soul to these senses, allowing myself to experience life around me sparks inspiration and the goddess Pleasure joins me for a while on my reclaimed pillows. 
Do you have a goddess or muse? Can your senses inspire passion or creativity in you? Comment for the chance to win the hot, not-available-in-stores WritersLi.P.P. t-shirt.


AllMyPosts said...

Good Post!!

May I suggest that you must re-think about your blog design??

I mean, the font is too small and the contrast isn't so good!! Either increase it / use bold / so on!! Just do think about the same!!

with warm regards
Another Author

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks for the tip, Another Author. I amde the change. Glad you liked the post. It was time for racy! Have a fabulous Wednesday! - Lindy

Pam Asberry said...

Great post, Lindy! I hereby declare that I am taking back my pillows, too! Here's to the goddess pleasure! :-)

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Pam! I thought you might like some pillow chat. What did we decide...Sex in the City meets Steel Magnolias. Fab-U-Lous! - Lindy

Anonymous said...

Great post. I love when several sense mingle together to make a lasting impression. Smell is the strongest in life but the one I forget to add to my writing. I really should make a checklist of the senses and dedicate it to the Goddess of Pleasure. It will remind me to be open to what's around me.
Sorry, I didn't realize you bloggedyesterday but have a great day.


WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Sia. The senses are an amazing part of life I think we often forget. Make your list and let me know about the Goddess of Pleasure in you. - Lindy

Anonymous said...

I love great pillow and especially when they smell wonderful. I've been know to cuddle up for hours and read a book amoung a pile of pillows. My feather one is my favorite.

Susan Carlisle

I so want a T-shirt. Pick me, pick me!

Tami Brothers said...

Excellent description of the senses.

I did not know that Bast was another form for Aphrodite (?). Very cool.

I think that I identify myself more with her. Love a lot of the things she represents. Funny thing, though, is that I'm NOT a cat person. Or so I've always thought. Maybe I need to rethink this.


WritersLiPP said...

Susan, you are too funny. Keep coming'll get that t-shirt. :-) Those old feather pillows are my favorite too. They remind me of my granddad. I'm going to hold out for the man slaves though. That might be fun for a while. He-he-he.

Thanks for stopping by,

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Tami. I get caught up in the senses. I love to read about them and write about them, so expereincing them is a critical part of me. Yes, Bast is all about passion and pleasure much like Aphrodite. If you relate well to her, definitely reconsider the cat thing. *smile*

I apprecaite your support and comments,