Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decadent Pleasures: The Joy of Self Indulgence May Surprise You

Self indulgent things that make you happy, otherwise known as decadent pleasures are what bring our lives peace, oft meaning, and teach us to appreciate solitude. Like Megan, the days of hot, candlelit baths with wine and a good book are long gone, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. In all honesty there was never really a day I could sit still in a tub, with or without companionship. And desserts, sure, they can be decadent and pleasurable, but in the end they are only different manipulations of sugar and caffeine no matter the vehicle. Sex can be self indulgent and make you happy but that’s another post for another day and certainly not to be posted on a PG blog. Are you laughing? I hope so.
Friends, the closest I can get to something self indulgent that makes me happy are these:
1)      A nap with my little girl should she ever decide to close her eyes in the afternoon. The obvious lack of a constant stream of “Mommy. Mommy. Mommy? Mommy!” can be pure bliss. Couple that with actual rest next to someone who you love and who loves you without condition, and well, that’s just pure happy.
2)      A home cooked meal that I make myself for the two of us or friends is always a joy. I love stretching my culinary wings and trying new combinations of flavors and textures that lead to the excited sounds of happy. After all, food is joy. Surprisingly, cooking is how I decompress.

      Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
      - Harriet Van Horne

3)      An hour or two surrounded by good friends, laughing heartily, sharing openly of themselves is like religion; you devote yourself to its pursuit and find your life filled with incomprehensible meaning (you’ll see me quoted on that someday).
4)      But I have to tell you that my latest decadent pleasure, please don’t laugh, is reclaiming my space. I spent all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday cleaning out my basement. I emptied the crawl space, organized tools, created a space for Red to play, one for crafting, another for sitting and watching a movie. I carried memories of my past life to the curb after setting aside a box of pictures and memorabilia for Red. At the close of the weekend I had a carport full of junk to be hauled off, a curb cluttered with more for the refuse engineers, and a basement that I am proud to call my (our) own. Ah, happy.
I’ll give you three guesses how I celebrated and it wasn't a hot bath. Ha! What is the self indulgent thing that makes you happy? Does it involve hard work or relaxation? How about recreating yourself? Tell me. I dare you. And you don’t even have to keep it PG.
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Pam Asberry said...

It's so true, Lindy; self-indulgence can take many forms, including hard work. Good for you for reclaiming your space. I remember those snuggly moments when mine were small; I also know the exquisite joy of cooking for people I love and the pleasure of whiling away an afternoon with friends. These are all things I need to make time for more often. Thank you for the reminder!

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Pam. You're one of those friends I both enjoy cooking for and whiling away an afternoon. We need to do it more. - Lindy

Megan said...

Cooking is wonderful wonderful wonderful. And I can't wait to see your newly reclaimed space!!