Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Show & Tell

Pam Asberry * Dacula, GA

My son Nathan went to Vans Warped Tour on Monday. Being a typical 15-year old, he headed straight for the nearest mosh pit - and promptly fell and got his right toe stomped by a fellow at least twice his size. Naturally, that did not stop my boy from walking around at the concert all day. But by the time he got home, his toe was black and blue and swollen and looked progressively worse throughout Tuesday. By suppertime, I decided a trip to the doctor was in order. Turns out that big toe is broken clean across - hence the funky shoe and the propped foot. But that has not stopped Nathan from practicing his new didgeridoo every spare moment; he's had it only a week but he's really getting the hang of it. Yep - this budding rock star displays true dedication to his art.

Megan Stanish * Roswell, GA

Cheery bouquet at the condiments table at our La Quinta.
Whoever invented the concept of the complimentary hotel breakfast buffet should be sainted. 
Or knighted. 
Or simply hugged. A lot.


Lindy * Decatur, GA
We really can...
Yup. Installed it this week. Yes, I did it myself with my helper/mom handing me tools (God love her). Ladies, we really can do it all. Now, go ahead and ask me if I used the screw gun!

Until next week when we speak of those unspoken decadent pleasures, we remain Pam, Megan, and Lindy the writers, women, moms of WritersLi.P.P.


Pam Asberry said...

Megan, the inventor of the complimentary breakfast buffet probably got paid. A lot. ;-)

Lindy, you are my idol. So, did you use the screw gun? ;-)

Lindy said...

Pam, you are my idol. Mother of boys...God love you woman! Nathan. Really? ;-)

Megan, the bouquet is gorgeous and very sunny. From a marketing perspective, quite appropriate for LaQuinta. Enjoy your breakfast!

- Lindy

Lindy said...

Oh sorry, yes Pam, I did use the screw gun. They're a lot easier to deal with than that old manual screwdriver and take an nth of the time. :-) That's what I get for donning the hot pink and getting to work. What's next?

pat said...

Ladies, I look forward to every Friday Li. P.P. !
Of course, your other blogs rock too, but Friday's Show and Tell is my favorite!

WritersLiPP said...

Thanks Pat! We appreciate your support. - Lindy