Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fickle. Why not?

Yep. You better believe it. I am fickle. I must be. Are you questioning why someone would categorize themselves as (adj.) likely to change especially due to irresolution or instability (
Think about it:
  • Our Nation had a budget surplus under President Clinton from 1998 through 2001. Holy hell, look at us now. It took an act of Congress to increase the debt ceiling.
  • Following the September 11th attacks on our borders, President Bush launched the war on terror. US forces attacked Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 which will make it the longest fought war in America’s history.
  • Gas prices were at a high, but reasonable, $2.60 per gallon before Katrina hit in 2005 then soared to $4.00 and have been low, then high, then low, then high…now, we just expect gas prices to be as erratic as the weather in Georgia and nothing short of ridiculous.
And this is the tiniest shard of ice from the tip of an ice cap that is melting in the Arctic. Folks, the world changes, the economy changes, and our circumstances change therefore we must change. We must go on living in a world filled with uncertainties. We must adapt to an economy that doesn’t support a person of simple means who wants only to drive a car to a job they are proud to have, feed and clothe his or her children and prayerfully keep a roof over their heads. We must deal with our emotions, put past failures to rest, and grow.
I realize the definition of fickle speaks more to one’s personality than his or her circumstances, but oft times our personality is shaped by our circumstances in how we respond to them.  Based on what we are dealing with in our world today I challenge you to be fickle. Don’t ebb and flow with the world’s tides; grow and change. Another word for fickle: diversification.
How are you fickle when facing today’s challenges? Have you ebbed and flowed or grown and changed?
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Anonymous said...

Be fickle when you vote for President next time, maybe that will help.

unstoppablestart said...

Anonymous, thanks for your comment, and you're right, we have to entertain the idea of being fickle, especially regarding party lines these days. But, don't toss that towel on my side of the fence. I believe in the "best man for the job" approach and wish we as a country could consider platform politics. But, I don't like mixing politics and blogging, so there you have it. Happy electing!

Anonymous said...

I agree unstoppable, thanks for responding though....You did have some political slurs in your blog though....:):)anyways,have a great day, it is nice and cooler in ATL today, which was much needed. now we need rain.

unstoppablestart said...

No slurs intended, Anonymous. Just a history lesson to make the point that we can't sit on our hands and wait for change, we must be part of it. You've helped me make that point beautifully. Thanks. And thanks too for the beautiful weather in Atlanta. You're right, we need rain! Cheers.

Megan said...

It's funny... I didn't have a chance to read the post until after I read the comments. Interestingly, I looked from the get-go for political slant, and I didn't really see it. And I'm always on edge looking for slant in either direction! I only saw a reminder to pay attention, remember recent history, remember history in general, and consider that life (or the benefits we enjoy) doesn't remain static. AND finally, we need to be our own change. If you want to talk politics... no one in recent memory has run on a platform of "Oh Yes I Can!" Over and out. :)

unstoppablestart said...

Thanks Megan, both for your support and for your objective opinion. Smooches.

Denise said...

Fickle is what you are called by the person who doesn't like the fact that you're not doing what they want you to do.

unstoppablestart said...

Ha! Denise, that's the best definition I've heard yet. I think we need to call Webster's. - Lindy