Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keeping It Real

This week at WritersLi.P.P. we coined the subject Objective Perspective. No matter who you are, your profession, your goals or aspirations, this subject is hard to define. So, I'm not going to (for once).

As a woman with ethics I must abide by objectivity. The situation does not matter; I must be able to see it from more than one side.

Thanks to my dad, I can offer this analogy on perspective: It's like looking at the flat front of a coffee mug while listening to someone tell you that you must grab the full circumference of the mug even though it's hot from the steaming liquid inside. Something inside you says there has to be something more; a handle perhaps.

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So, how in this crazy world do we maintain an objective perspective? I can tell you how I do it in one simple phrase: I try to always put myself in another person's shoes. Simple, right? It is and it 1) keeps me honest and 2) keeps me grateful.

In a world where it's easy for opinions and views to get lost in translation, I'll take this lesson the easy way.

What about you? How do you explain objective perspective?

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KendallGrey said...

I think you hit it, Lindy - putting yourself in another's shoes is a great way to keep perspective. Sometimes, when I'm critting someone's work, I'll write a negative comment - "You've said this six million times! I get it, already!" Then I think, "What if someone wrote that on MY work?" Regardless of the fact it might be true, I would probably be hurt by such a comment. There's always a nice way to say things. Sometimes we just need that perspective to help us figure out how to be more positive. :-)

Lindy said...

Thanks Kendall. I do think we forget how to put ourselves in someone else's shoes. At least I know I do. Immediate response is what I have to work on most, especially in Atlanta traffic. I need to be the person in front of me instead of being the aggravated person trailing them, you know? Thanks for helping me keep it real. - Lindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindy,
Excellent suggestion not only on perspective but life. I always used to put myself in someone else's shoes. I need to work on that, but I'm also trying to work being focused on fulfilling my dreams. Can the two mix?


unstoppablestart said...

I think they can, Sia. Often I try to imagine the petite, 23-year-old agent, recently promoted, who tends to thumb her nose up at everything except the next H.P. - What must it be like for her to have so much responsibility? I wouldn't want to be 23 again, or in those shoes, so I get it. It makes me refine my search for the right agents and editors to query. That's all. Thanks for your comments. - Lindy