Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Show & Tell

Pam Asberry * Dacula, GA

This little guy shows up outside my kitchen window every single night.
I know he is looking for bugs but I like to think he is just peeking in to say hi.
Regardless, I admire his steadfastness and tenacity.

* * * * *

Lindy Chaffin Start * Decatur, GA



KendallGrey said...

I *love* frogs! We usually get a lot of them in our pond out front, but this year, we haven't seen many. Lots of lizards instead. Wonder if they're eating the frogs...?

R.R. said...

Hi Pam, What you have is the rare Talking Daculan Hyla Cinerea Window Leaper! If you click on the little speaker by the name, or on Voice: Call: you'll here it saying, "Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi"!

Just thought you should know!

R.R. said...

OOps, comments don't auto-link - sorry, Link follows:

Rare Talking Daculan Hyla Cinerea Window Leaper

Pam Asberry said...

There is a creek running along the back of my house, Kendall, so I hear frogs all summer long, but this is the first time I have actually seen one. It makes me very sad to think that the lizards might be eating your frogs...

Pam Asberry said...

So he really IS stopping by to say "hi" every evening! Thank you so much for sharing the link, R.R.! Hearing the frog's call made me laugh out loud!

Tami Brothers said...

This is great. Both pictures are very inspiring.


Pam Asberry said...

Thank you, Tami! (taking a bow)